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Why the Little Things Matter

Living with less has taught us more and more how to appreciate what we have. In a way it makes what little we own almost “more” of ours because we have less choices to pick from. How can something be “more” ours, though? You either own something or you don’t, right? Well when you have endless choices or distracting and meaningless clutter around, each “thing” overshadows the next.

I thought I’d share some of the little changes that have come with living with less and how these little things have made a ginormous impact on our lives.

Chemical-Free - Under the kitchen and bathroom sinks can become dumping grounds for all kinds of half-used bottles of cleaning and hygiene products, old toothbrushes, pill bottles, etc. It’s just a place to get them out of sight. In an effort to make the space under the sink have more value, we decided it was time to go chemical-free. Any bottle with the ingrediant “fragrance” on it was properly disposed of.

Making Space Sacred - Environment is a big deal to me and each room should have a certain air about it that makes it unique and an experience to be in. There is tremendous value to me in the rooms where we live to be welcoming, comfortable, warm and useful. Over the months I’ve spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into making each room a delight to live in for our family and for the people who are welcomed into our home. A minimalistic household isn’t sterile. It isn’t about having one couch pillow or one painting on the wall like we live in some kind of dystopian novel. It’s about finding value in the comforts and blessings of our home.

Fashion - We’ve never been big clothes shoppers and purging our wardrobes has made us even more aware of what we really need. Every now and then we pick out what we haven’t worn in a while and either donate it or give it away. This opens up the opportunity for when we do find something that we love in a store, we can still call ourselves consumers. Because we are! Any minimalist that says they’re not a consumer is lying about either being a minimalist or consuming.

Stores - I don’t dread the grocery store anymore. And I take delight in browsing. I can’t count how many times I’ve wandered the labyrinth at IKEA only to leave empty handed. It's never a waste of time either! Just because you leave a store without buying something doesn’t make it a waste. It actually makes it just as much of a victory as buying something because you didn’t see anything that would add value to your life.

Time Together - I 100% believe that aside from glorifying God our calling in this life is to share life itself with others. There is no greater and ever-giving joy than spending time with the people you love. Isn’t that what we look forward to in one way or another? The holidays, coffee dates, tailgating, walks, camping with family, dinner with friends. It’s a blessings to have time to spend with the people we love and no one wants to go through their whole life having not spent the time they wish they could’ve with the people they love. No amount of money, stuff, clothes, a giant house, fancy car, all organic food, could ever replace the time we spend together.

To truly enjoy the little things means to intentionally notice and take the time to be curious about what does and what doesn’t add value to our lives. This holds different meanings for everyone, but for our family the moments that give us fuel aren’t found in instant gratifications or 1,500 followers on instagram. They’re found in how we choose to live and giving life the value it was created to have.