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What are you looking forward to?

Happy 4th of July ‘Merica! Despite this being my first 4th of July since my grandparents sold their cottage, I still had some excitement about the holiday. It would be a completely different 4th than I had grown accustomed, but a simpler celebration at home would still be fun.

Celia and I look forward with a lot of excitement to all of our special events or trips that are coming up. And although I've had some sadness toward losing the cottage, this 4th of July has been no exception. Many other days of the year, however, can easily become just a box to check off until we get to the weekend, until Christmas break, until that vacation. Why can’t we be more excited for the “normal” days?

The first thing we could do is plan more “special” things throughout the week. As a minimalist, this would mean avoiding things like shopping or fine dining (within moderation), but it could mean packing a lunch/dinner and going for a walk/hike someplace new, going to a mid-week church event, or committing to a weekly activity like a sports league or a class. Celia and I have already begun to do each of these and we hope to use our creativity to continue to add even more excitement to the “daily grind."

The other, and more important, thing that we could do is make the habitual events of the week feel more special. We can look ahead with special fervor and excitement for the daily and weekly routines, like going for a walk or run, taking a quick kayak trip, sitting on the deck/porch in the quiet, reading something inspirational or entertaining. Some of these don’t even need to last very long, but we can still cherish them. And by cherishing the prospect of doing these routine yet enjoyable activities, we can begin to look forward more excitedly to each day!

So Happy 4th...Happy 5th, and Happy every other day of your life! :)

'Merica 🇺🇸