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This is Supposed to be Fun

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

“Man, I need a vacation from my vacation!” You’ve probably said this to yourself at least once upon returning from a trip. There are so many unknowns peppered into “taking a break from reality” that it can sometimes feel like more work actually going on vacation than it is being at work. Packing, prepping the itinerary, transportation, weather, lodging, where you’re going to eat, budget, etc. And all of the planning never seems to make the vacation go exactly the way you pictured it, does it?

While we were camping, we had to keep reminding ourselves that “this is supposed to be fun” and in the moments where things didn’t go quite as planned (waking up in a puddle of water from a leaky tent, forgetting the s'mores fixings, not having access to a shower), we never felt that the day was ruined. It’s easy to get so glued to how things are “supposed” to go that we sometimes lose sight of how things are “meant” to go.

After all, it’s the little hiccups in life that make life so interesting.

It’s okay to go into a vacation with the expectation that it might not be perfect and things will inevitably go wrong. And that won’t make you a cynic, it makes you more malleable and prepared to roll with the punches.

The reason why this trip was so special for us is that it added invaluable experiences to our life. “This is supposed to be fun” granted us the freedom to change our plans if what we had in mind didn’t seem as awesome actually doing it than it did on a written itinerary. The times where we deviated from the confines of the itinerary are when we had the most fun!

Sometimes flying by the seat of your pants and being open to the possibility that things might change are the main ingredients to feeling recharged and ready to hit the ground running once you get home.

“This is supposed to be fun” can apply to pretty much any corner of our lives - not just when we’re on vacation. Think about parts of your day to day that are “supposed to be fun” and try to see them not as chores or something to plow through, but as something to savor - like vacation!

Lord, you designed rest to be good. Fill us with your example and give us clear minds to generate your newness through vacation and recreation. We rely on the hope of your return and until the day comes where you call us home or You come again in our lifetimes, teach us to find satisfaction and enjoyment in the life you’ve given us.