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The Best Job on Earth

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Tim and I could spend hours searching through Netflix trying to decide on a movie to watch and we usually just give up and watch Office reruns instead of wasting precious alone time together being indecisive. But the other night not only did we pick a movie right off the bat (per Tim’s suggestion) we finished it before 10! Go us! The movie is called The Fundamentals of Caring and despite the cheesy title and copious amount of f-bombs, it was actually really a sweet story and a few of the themes hit home for me.

Quick synopsis - Paul Rudd takes up caring for a disabled teen who has an overprotective mom and an estranged dad. Come to find out as the story goes on that Paul Rudd lost his young son a few years before and he sort of blames himself for his son’s death. Paul and the reclusive teen take a road trip and encounter some characters along the way (Selena Gomez being one of them). Not going to spoil the ending for you so go watch it!

There was a particular line that Paul says which hit me in the gut. He’s talking to the teen’s mom about how much she loves her son and he says, “They’re the reason why we’re here.”

“They” being children, and “here” being human existence.

I’ve struggled for a long time with my vocation and what I should be doing with my life. I’ve wasted a lot of time on Indeed browsing jobs that I’m not educated or experienced enough for all in my daydream to fill a void of vocation. There always seemed to be something lacking and I had an intense jealousy of people with “dream jobs” or who are pinned with a laundry list of degrees.

Ultimately our identity is always in Christ and not in what brand of car we drive or what job we have. But there is tremendous purpose in what we spend our time doing everyday, right? Jesus commands us to praise Him in all that we do and that our chief end is to glorify Him and enjoy him forever.

There is no amount of earthy love or affection in any vocation that compares to the love and affection we have as parents. “They” truly are the reason why we are “here” - parents pass on Jesus to their children and Christ blesses parents with His love through the innocence and wonder of children.

If you’re a mom or dad I know you can relate. Every cheesy cliche about parenthood is 100% accurate. Parents have one of the most exhausting and important jobs ever created. 4 years ago you wouldn’t have caught me dead saying that! I will do absolutely anything to protect this little person and I praise God for her existence because without her and her entire generation, the world as they know it would cease. I think that highly of her and God’s plan for her life and the lives of all her generation. Which is a big deal!

Love and protect the babies, guys. They’re going to be us someday.

Lord, we believe that all life is created and ordained by you. Protect the unborn and give the wisdom and patience needed for parents to understand that their vocation is without a doubt one of the most miraculous and important ones ever created.