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Still Plugging Away!

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

I’d like to give a little update on how things are going minimalism-wise!

Grocery shopping - it’s still tricky since I want to deviate from my list of meal-plans and grab experimental foods just for funsies. So I’ve limited myself to only buying 5 small items that are outside of my list when I shop. This means that when I make my list and plan the meals for the week that I have to be extra intentional with what I put on it. Not only does this save us money, but it allows for some freedom in getting 5 or so treats!

Buying stuff - outside of groceries, we really don’t go shopping often and when we do it’s more just to browse and window shop. I think Tim and I have really built up this muscle of asking ourselves “will this add value to our life” and if the answer is no, it’s a lot easier to move on.

Purging - over the months we’ve gone through each room and picked out what we don’t use or what doesn’t add value to our lives anymore. It seems like after we finish with one round of purging, we start another. I must have gone through the back closet at least 4 times in the past 5 months and theres still a lot in there that I know we don’t need, but its a work in progress! I have to remind myself that each purge is always a step in the right direction. And when it feels like we haven’t even made a dent in getting the things that we don’t need anymore out of our small space, I know that it’s always a positive stride!

The Back Closet - This is like stepping into a minefield of OCD triggers and a minimalist’s nightmare. Maybe thats dramatic, but at least now after being purged countless times since we moved in, you can turn around in it! The back closet is the only “storage” space in our apartment and it houses Tim’s wardrobe, camping gear, and seasonal decorations all along the walls in the 12x5ft cave. I’m proud of us for managing to not have a storage unit at a facility which Tim describes to be one of the “biggest money pits” ever invented.

Felicity - she’s turning 1 in a little over a month and we’re so excited to celebrate the life of our little girl! Pumped to have made it almost a year through nursing her (get it?) and we’re going to be getting creative with how we celebrate and the gifts we plan on giving her. So far, she’s been really interested in the small bin of toys that she has and is definitely enamored by the selective new ones that we’ve added over the months. We really want to emphasize experiences for Felicity through her childhood because we believe that experiences add continual value even into adulthood. This doesn’t mean we won’t accept toys for her from our relatives, but we do plan on encouraging our families to give Felicity gifts that keep on giving in the form of experiences.

Money - I could write an entire book on how much we have changed over the year and also how our relationship has grown through this lifestyle. I think we’ve become a lot more calibrated to each other’s expectations in how we spend our time and what we do with our money. Tim can attest to this, but I definitely think that I’ve become much more relaxed when it comes to taking financial risks. I’ve always thought that credit cards were the devil and only people who were in a bind used them. Our credit card has been a tool that in the long run saves us money. We use it basically as a debit card and never spend what we don’t have (which is always the temptation with a credit card, right?). Since we don’t spend money on the things that we don’t need or won’t add value to our lives, we’ve saved as a result. Minimalism isn’t about taking all the fun out of life, it’s about knowing what's important and making well-thought decisions about what we fill our homes, bodies, minds, and hearts with.

God - He is ever-present in our home and we’re so in love with Him. Having more time to focus on prayer and reading has helped our personal relationships with Him and each other. Right now we’re working through a devotional (which we need to read from again tonight, Honey) and I’m finding that He’s easier to talk about with my friends and family members. Ultimately our identities are in Christ and He needs to be a major part of our lives because we’re a major part of His.

Looking Ahead - I think Tim’s already said that we both fly by the seat of our pants when it comes to planning. We’ve talked about some long-term goals which is exciting and I can’t wait to share them with you once they start becoming a reality! We’re continuing with our purges and we probably encounter something everyday that we realize we can live without. Each day is so different and since we started asking each other the “value” question, we’ve never felt like a day has been wasted. We are truly, blessed, motivated, in love, and happy.

God Bless You and if you’re ever interested in hearing more about the minimalism lifestyle, we’d love to answer your questions either here, on Facebook, or on Instagram!