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Remember, Today

“Would that we had died at the LORD's hand in the land of Egypt!” (Exodus 16:3)

I think that one of the biggest struggles we face in life is to live in the moment, and to live the moment well. More often than not we are either reminiscing, dwelling, or regretting the past, or we are anticipating, calculating, or fearing the future. I’ve also heard it said, however, that our greatest grace is to remember and our greatest fault is to forget. To remember, in this context, isn’t a passive mental recollection. It even goes beyond just looking back at an event with gratitude and reverence, which in itself is very good. This biblical sense of remembrance, which is mentioned throughout the Old Testament and has tremendous significance for Jesus’ death and resurrection and for our celebration of the Lord’s Supper, connotes action. To remember has more to do with now than with the past. Remembering is an active response of gratitude for the event, and of faith and hope in what the event signifies for our life. Remembering helps us to live in the moment and to live the moment as our best selves.

Wherever we are at on our faith journey, we can take the time to remember, right now. Where have I been? What significant events have taken place in my life? What has God done for me? And what is my response?