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Reassigning Meaning

Lately we've been reassigning meaning to our possessions and it’s not only decluttering our closets, but our minds as well. This self discovery really presented itself after we spent some time going through our belongings and deciding what brings value to our life and what doesn’t. It’s funny how when you examine the coffers of your own life you discover what matters the most. If I am holding on to this because someone special gave it to me, then why is it sitting in the back of the closet collecting dust? Does this box of cards hold meaning just sitting there on the shelf being a box of cards?

We are 100% responsible for assigning meaning to “things” and it’s really fascinating that once you reassign a meaning to something, the utility of that object disappears.

We could hold on to some notes from college (really expensive notes) that we may or may not reference ever again, or we can think of those notes as holding value in the time that they were written and right now they just don’t hold much value for us anymore. But when do we stop decluttering? We haven’t gotten to the point yet where our home looks like it was pillaged, or like nobody even lives here. Nor do we want it to ever look like that, but we do feel like we have a ways to go in deciding what holds valuable utility for us and what is just taking up space.

Overall, if you asked us to write down everything that we've donated, sold, or given away we wouldn’t be able to write a single item down. This is how we know that what we’ve decluttered so far has been worth decluttering. We don’t miss any of it and the biggest victory about all of this decluttering? Less to clean. More time with each other. Win win!

God help us to always find our identity in You and teach us to open our hearts more to the experiences you allow for us. We’ve been abundantly blessed with so much and we need You to refine our minds to focus more on Your will for how we are to live each day. Only You can satisfy the longing we feel in our souls.