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Losing Something Valuable and Other Emotions

Have you ever lost or broken something really valuable? Something irreplaceable that maybe held a lot of sentimental value? What about something that you gave away, but once it left you felt remorse from not having it anymore? Lots of questions, but important ones nonetheless.

It’s completely normal to feel a little sad when you’ve lost something that maybe you weren’t ready to lose. Especially when the way you lost it was through your own carelessness or some situation that was out of your control. Regardless, the feelings you have after losing it is a little scale to know how much value it actually gave you when you had it, right?

When I lived in Rome I carelessly tucked my iPhone into the unzipped pocket of my purse. I placed it there to pay for a coffee at a train station and from the time I put it into my purse and picked up my coffee from the counter, someone had swiped my iPhone. I remember feeling a volcano of “oh crap what do I do now” and “how was that possible I ALWAYS zip my phone away in my purse.” I was ashamed for two reasons: first, that I had been so careless, and second, that it took me a few days to get over my frustration. That iPhone meant everything to me (it was my fist smartphone) and within minutes someone else was probably already playing Candy Crush on it.

In any case, the value we put in something shouldn’t overshadow our reality and ability to move happily on with our lives. At the end of the day, even if everything was stripped from us, we’d be ok. Just read the Book of Job. And especially if something gets lost that was not in our control, the chances are that there are two outcomes: we can either decide, “you know what? I feel like I can get on in life without that,” OR, “No, that actually did add a lot of practical or sentimental value to my life, I think I’ll get a new one and be more careful next time.”

It’s that simple.

Sometimes accepting the outcome of a given situation is one of the most peaceful responses you can have toward yourself.

So, go easy on yourself! We live in a world where there are always options. When it comes to something of value to you, decide how MUCH value it has in your life and go from there.

Lord, lead us to live free from putting “things” above You. You’ve made your creation good and allow us to live more fully in your intentions for how we speak, act, live and lead. May there never be a material longing that surpasses the longing we have for You. Amen!