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Listening to Podcasts Can Change Your Life

Our family’s “conversion” to minimalism has been fairly gradual, but it was abruptly kicked off with a podcast-binge that would put any Netflix-watching to shame. Now that our New Year’s road trip to Asheville, N.C. has ended, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite podcasts. These podcasts have filled our drives and our lives with encouragement, with wisdom, with deep conversation, and with valuable entertainment. By passing them along, we hope they will add value to your own life's road trip!

*Note-we do NOT have an affiliation with these people or their products. We just like what they have to say and want to share!

Podcasts We BOTH Love:

Optimal Living Daily Podcasts

This is a family of FIVE podcasts where a narrator reads a blog post each day like an audiobook. Tim first heard about minimalism from people like The Minimalists, Joshua Becker, and Courtney Carver when their blog posts were featured on Optimal Living Daily. Celia’s favorite is Optimal Health Daily. Tim’s favorite has been Optimal Finance Daily.

Daily, 6-10 minutes

Messy Parenting Podcast (iTunes)

This is a deeply informative and conversational podcast on marriage and family dynamics. The couple has a wealth of wisdom from many years of marriage and parenting TEN kids! We appreciate their humility regarding their own failures as well as their firmness when communicating difficult truths.

Bi-monthly, 45-55 min

The Catholic Man Show (iTunes)

Not just for men! Not just for Catholics! The two friends begin the podcast by enjoying and reviewing a drink (usually a whiskey or craft beer). Then they highlight a “man gear”--something every man should own or use. Finally, they have what they call “the manliest conversation” about a topic that relates to living virtuously as a Christian.

Weekly, 48 min

More podcasts from Tim:

More podcasts from Celia:

Congrats to Gretchen Mills! She was the winner of our Christmas book giveaway. Celia and I listened to the audiobook of The More of Less during our road-trip. It stirred up some great conversation in the car and we look forward to sharing a lot with you next week! Happy New Year!