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Kids Aren't Number One

Sometimes it can be really challenging to get time alone together. Before Felicity arrived, we were always hanging out and going on dates which nurtured our marriage and in many ways I think prepared us to be parents. We’ve always been “fly by the seat of our pants” kind of people so being spontaneous was second nature. Now that we’re a family of three, finding ways to grow our marriage hasn’t been easy with a baby in tow. We love taking Felicity with us everywhere we go and we believe she’s turned into a peaceful baby because of what she’s experienced already in life, but what about the Celia and Tim time?

Felicity is supposed to be number one in our lives, right? Wrong.

Our Marriage and how we demonstrate our love for her, each other and God is number one. Before Felicity came we promised each other that she would never be the number one priority in our lives. I’m not saying that that we don’t give her the love and care that she needs, but what she truly needs the most is to grow up knowing the love that Mommy and Daddy have for each other is built on Christ’s love.

She needs to know that Mom and Dad respect each other and just because they take time away from her for a date now and then doesn’t mean they love her less. It actually means they love her more because they value the importance of growing their marriage so that they can be better parents to her.

It’s a common misconception that “kids come first” in a family unit. How do we learn how to respect each other in every relationship we have? Through the model that our parents set for us (although this isn’t always the case). Sons should learn from their fathers how to respect and honor women through how their fathers treat their mothers and vice versa for mothers and daughters. Daughters learn what virtues they value in a future spouse based on the relationship they have with their father and vice versa for sons and mothers. The family unit is so incredibly intricate and beautiful and should always be cared for through intentional parenting.

So, as we raise Felicity, Tim and I need to be extra intentional with each other no matter the circumstances because theres a lot more at stake than just our marriage - Felicity’s heart makes the job of parenthood and spousehood a doozy!

God, protect the family unit to be sacred as you created it. Allow us to have the courage to always model you within our marriage to Felicity so that she might grow into a woman of God. Amen!