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Is Our Life Too Comfortable?

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Americans are known to be the most “comfortable” culture in the world. We go to our jobs so that we can work to buy the things that make our lives more comfortable. We schedule our lives around vacations that bring us comfort, have hobbies that we’re comfortable with all while we eat Aunt Agatha’s comfort food.

Somehow comfort and convenience are what we subconsciously strive for. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable - I like a good pair of smartwool socks just like you, but what about when comfort becomes complacent? Have you ever looked at your life and thought, man I would really like God to throw a wrench in my life at a really inconvenient time just to shake things up and make me uncomfortable? Me neither!

Tim knows that I do not handle change well. When I have a routine or certain method of doing something, I get really flustered when it deviates from the expectation I’ve set for the routine. I’d like to credit Tim for molding me into someone who sees change as an opportunity rather than a speed bump. But sometimes when my tectonic plates shift and I feel a big change happening, I brace myself for the unknown.

As Christians, aren’t we called to not be complacent? It can be really difficult to break away from what’s comfortable and what we’re used to, but what if what we’re comfortable and used to isn’t our calling? What if God has bigger and better plans for our life that we just can’t seem to jump on?

It could be like changing jobs, starting the diet, moving to a new house or apartment, taking a trip, starting a bible study, breaking up with toxic people, the list could go on.

Nine times out of ten, fear is what’s getting in the way. We fear the loss of the easy, comfortable life we’ve grown close to and can’t bear the thought of “but what if I fail at what God’s calling me to do?”

What if I lose a lot of money?

What if I embarrass myself or my family?

We are meant to be uncomfortable for Christ. That isn’t to say that we can’t enjoy life and the joy it brings. But when life becomes so routine and we hear the call God has for us but turn a blind eye to it because we’d rather keep on living in complacency, we’ve built our lives on nothing but the expectation of each day being just like the last.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have fought God tooth and nail about my calling. I can’t even remember how many times in the past I said that I would never be a stay a home mom. Then I married Tim and we had Felicity. And God flushed away all my doubts that I’d be a good mom and that I would actually be happy with who He called me to be.

Being uncomfortable prompts us to grow. I think of a lizard that physically cannot get bigger because he’s living in a tank that won’t allow him to grow. When he’s put into a bigger habitat, he grows to his greatest potential length. Isn’t that how we are with God’s call? If we put so many limitations on our lives by simply always ensuring we’re comfortable, we’re actually doing ourselves a disservice to not only us, but to God as well.

So as we head into the new year, join us in thinking about the parts of our lives that we’ve become complacent with and how we can become uncomfortable for the sake of growing to our fullest potential.