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This weekend Tim pulled out piles of clothes and various unused items, loaded them into his car, and dropped them off at the local church to be donated. I’m so proud of him for taking a huge leap and purging some of the things he’s held on to for who knows how long! I asked him at one point as he was sorting the t-shirts he didn’t want anymore from the ones he would wear, “are you sure you won’t miss any of this stuff?”

“I don’t know that I won’t miss them,” he said.

He seemed pretty determined about emptying drawers full of unneeded clothing. The thing about Tim is that when he sets his mind on something, he goes full speed ahead and doesn’t look back. Which is part of the reason why I have faith that we’ll be able to pull this “living with less” experiment off.

I have the tendency to go great guns on an idea that I have, but somewhere along the way I either lose interest in it or I just give up and theres no telling how far along the road in a project or idea this could happen. For some reason, this experiment is different. It’s different because Tim is taking it seriously. He’s motivated by more than just his desire to have a new and exciting hobby, but to really dig deep into discovering more about himself, me, Felicity and Jesus.

The root of this experiment isn’t for selfish gain, it’s for outward sacrifice and what better way to examine one’s self than to rid oneself of unnecessary materialism? I’m not saying that Tim and I are going to become one of those weirdo couples who only own one frying pan and never have a Costco membership, but I do believe that owning less will allow us to focus more on living the day to day instead of the year to year. Tim doesn’t know if he’ll feel remorse down the road for donating a large part of his wardrobe which is why it’s so cool that already this experiment has made us more aware of what we have and all that we no longer have can be lived without.

Tim has always been an incredible leader both within our marriage and as a father, so with him taking the first big step in this journey for us I feel confident that this isn’t just a fad - it’s a track to become a beautiful lifestyle.

Lord, give Tim the strength to lead this family in the goals you’ve placed before us and continue to give us the motivation we need to always seek the truth in our actions as we strive to be closer to You.