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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Have you ever looked at your life and thought, what the heck am I doing and why does my life look nothing like the way I imagined it? If I had a dime for every time I thought about this, I’d be wine-tasting my way around the world right now. But the moments when my mind gets especially corroded by these thoughts is when I’m scrolling through Instagram or Facebook.

Moms that “have it together” and stay at home working out and have the perfect husbands, children and home, people getting paid to wear clothes and post pictures of themselves for fashion lines, far off and exotic places travelled to by the ones who decided to “explore” the world instead of working in sales. Is this really how people live? And if it is, who is paying for it? How do they have the time to look so perfect and seem so happy? Why can't I live like those people? Through the lens of social media, we can make our lives look any way we want and with the proper editing tools, we could be as fashionable and successful as we care to appear.

So, if we know this about social media, then why does it still affect us so much? Why do we still spend money we don’t have on beauty and weight-loss products to look like the models advertising them? How come no matter how many trips we take to Hobby Lobby or all those scrolls through Pinterest for DIY tips and tricks, our homes don’t look anything like a feature from Better Homes & Gardens?

A dear friend of mine recently reminded me that,

“comparison is the thief of joy.”

Every distracted moment comparing all of the things in our lives, either material or non-material, to those of the social media smokescreen, is a moment spent living without genuine joy for our own reality.

So, my house doesn’t look like Chip and Joanna Gaines just redecorated it, or my closet looks like the sale rack at JCPenny, and my fridge is filled with more grab and goes than organic French yogurt and locally grown veggies? That’s ok! Believing the lies that social media fills us with that our lives are mediocre and somewhat boring for not keeping up with the Joneses, only robs us of the joy and contentment that is actually in our lives.

As you scroll, remember that your life has so much value and never let a picture make you feel as though your life is not as it “should” be when in fact, your life is everything it should be and more!

Lord, make us more aware of you in our world through the day to day. Grow a muscle in us that doesn’t allow us to be discouraged by what we see on our screens. Let us recognize true beauty in our lives and see the blessings you’ve given us as opportunities to glorify you. Amen!